Behind the squares – our story

Hello, we’re Locker Days and we believe you/your teen should be able to create a locker space that’s as individual as you/they are; a fun, stylish sanctuary to retreat to during busy days at school.

As a brand we want to encourage positivity and self-expression through decorative and organisational accessories for lockers. From interchangeable wallpapers to stylish magnets, and even faux fur carpets, our designs are on-trend, uplifting, empowering and most of all, fun! (But don’t worry, all of our accessories can be added and removed without damage to the locker.)

decorated locker featuring locker accessories

Did you know, research shows that up to 4 million children in the UK are carrying school bags which are too heavy for them and that those carrying the heaviest backpacks have a 50% higher risk of back pain than those carrying the lightest? Well, at Locker Days, we want to encourage students to visit their locker more frequently, to take a moment for themselves, off load those heavy books and files, and revitalise at break times. Returning to a locker that is organised and reflective of your personality, can help you/your teen to power through the rest of the day with a smile on your/their face.

USA inspiration behind Locker Days
The idea for Locker Days was conceived in 2018 by Buckinghamshire based, mum to three, Becca Cornford. Whilst living in America for a short while, Becca’s daughter had access to decorative items made specifically for lockers, allowing her and her friends to organise and tailor their locker space to fit their personality. Upon returning to the UK, Becca’s daughter (who is very much a part of the business) couldn’t find anything suitable for decorating her school locker. She ended up cutting out felt for the carpet, keen to cover the old stickers and gum on the floor and make the locker more her own! Thus Locker Days was born!
Cornford Family, USA
Our unique one-stop shop is the first of its kind in the UK, and aims to tap into a growing call for lockers in schools. Locker Days believes a locker should be a sanctuary, a slice of you, and following a decline in the mental health of teenage girls, it hopes to provide an antidote to a tough day, The uplifting, and fun message magnets can be regularly seen as the locker door is opened during the day and helps reinforce a positive feeling.
statement magnets

We are incredibly excited to announce that our stylish NEW accessories for lockers launch in July, and they are available NOW for pre-order! Why not use our fun ‘Design Your Locker’ feature to see how you could style up your locker space?

Come follow us over on Instagram @lockerdays for locker styling inspiration and fun vibes a plenty. And we would love you to share your restyled locker spaces with us using the hashtag #mylockerdays

Your locker, your style!