We know all too well about the challenges you face for fundraising, we’re volunteers too, which is why we have created our own PTA reward scheme.

We at Locker Days provide students with locker accessories (that do not damage the locker) to help improve organisation, and create an outlet for positive self-expression so supporting mental wellbeing. Through utilising the school locker, the students should be able to reduce the weight of their school back pack and in turn support physical wellbeing too!

We would like to offer your PTA the opportunity to gain 25% commission on Locker Days sales that have your specific personalised code entered at checkout! The customer is able to use other discount codes alongside this PTA code. We will also send you a Locker Days Bundle which can be used as a raffle prize, once you have registered for your code.

How it works

  1. Fill in the form below to register your school
  2. You will receive a unique code for your school
  3. A special locker days bundle will be available to you for promotion or as a raffle prize (flyers featuring your code are available on request)
  4. You promote the code within the school or local area and receive 25% commission on all orders placed, using your code.
  5. Twice a year you’ll receive your commission payment

Sign up your school now

Terms and Conditions

1) You are signing up your PTA/club/charity as an affiliate with Locker Days. The commission is to be paid to your PTA/club/charity and not your personal bank account. Locker Days will randomly check this to ensure the scheme is not being abused.

2) Any Fundraising Voucher or products sent by Locker Days as a result of signing up as an affiliate is for your PTA/club/charity fundraising purposes and not to be used personally.

3) Commission payouts will be made twice in an academic year. In the first half term of Autumn and Summer terms.

4) The minimum payment required for a payout is £10. If this amount isn’t met in one month then the amount will be carried over until the £10 level is met. The process then starts again.

5) Other discount codes can be used by the customer in conjunction with this scheme. 

6) As the PTA volunteer signing up on behalf of your PTA, you will receive emails regarding commission and updates as this is directly related to the PTA reward scheme.