At Locker Days, we believe your school locker should be your sanctuary – a slice of you, to house your favourite things, and be the antidote for a tough day. Don’t lug a heavy bag around all day, take a moment for yourself, revitalise between classes and make the most of your locker.

We’re a lifestyle brand producing decorative and organisational accessories to make your locker space your own – all of which can be changed and moved seamlessly, without causing drama by marking your locker interior.

From our interchangeable wallpapers to stylish magnets, our designs are uplifting, empowering and most-of-all fun. But what we really want, is for them to be right for you – so let us know what you think, and what you want to see next from Locker Days.

Your locker, your style. Making the most of your Locker Days.

So how did Locker Days come about? Read Becca’s story here.

Pale Pink Glitter Note Holders
gold geometric pen pot