Here at Locker Days HQ, we want to create a brand which encourages positivity through on-trend designs and useful accessories for the inside of school lockers.

We want to provide students with an avenue for positive self-expression, and at the same time reduce the weight of files/books in their back packs, so utilising the school locker. 

The idea behind Locker Days came when my eldest daughter started secondary school, and she was keen to decorate her locker, personalising it to fit with her own style.  Along with her friends, they cut coloured felt to fit the bottom of the locker, and looked for anything magnetic to keep things stuck to the inside of their lockers. 

I encouraged the idea – after all, it meant she was actually using her locker and didn’t end up carrying such a heavy bag around all day.


When we lived in America for a short while, the girls had access to decorative items made specifically for their lockers, allowing them to tailor it for their personality and organise their space. However, when we searched for similar items in the UK (and even Europe) there was nothing available.

We took the plunge and set up Locker Days, a company focused on providing accessories and decorations for the inside of school lockers. It would provide the student an avenue for self expression and at the same time reassure parents and teachers that the lockers are organised with books and files, and the students would have less weight in their back packs.

According to the British Chiropractic Association, a third of parents have reported that their child has suffered from some sort of back or neck pain[i], a problem which has been widely linked to carrying overloaded backpacks. Research shows that up to 4 million children in the UK are carrying school bags that are too heavy for them[ii] and that those carrying the heaviest backpacks have a 50% higher risk of back pain than those carrying the lightest.[iii]


As a parent and former School Governor, I was keen that the items needed to be easy to use, to put up and take down, and leave no marks (hence the use of magnets), particularly as so many lockers are rented.

Locker Days isn’t just here to aid physical health, but mental health too. We want to lift girls up and make them feel positive when they’re going through a difficult time. The 2018 Girl Guide’s Attitude Survey revealed a 38% decrease in the number of girls aged 11-16 who felt very happy and a 10% increase in those that said they were not happy compared to 10 years ago.


My aim is to encourage positivity through on-trend designs and useful accessories, increasing happiness and health within schools where possible and giving students an avenue for self-expression. 

Locker Days aims to continually develop products and packaging to be as environmentally friendly as is possible, using recycled materials and raw packaging wherever possible for our products. We are keen to support schools by providing donations to school initiatives and work in partnership to improve and enhance the school day.  Please contact us on how we could work together.