The HappySelf® Journal


Laying the foundations of happiness and wellbeing.

Filled with simple practices from the latest research on the science of happiness the daily pages will foster the habits that have been shown to impact of happiness and wellbeing. The daily pages include gratitude practice and prompts to encourage kindness, a positive mindset and emotional intelligence. The weekly spreads help with the daily routines and habits that support wellbeing such as sleep, mindfulness and connection. All beautifully presented in a way to make our journal a much cherished part of the day.

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We are delighted that we are able to stock the teens edition ‘The HappySelf Journal’ (silver) created by Francesca Geens, published by HappySelf Ltd – this is perfect for both young and older teens (as well as adults!) this daily journal is based on scientifically proven methods that promote happiness and develop positive habits and mindset.

Spend just a few minutes a day with our beautifully designed pages to express gratitude, reflect on the emotions of the day and think about your actions.

‘It gives me time to reflect’

‘It calmed me down a lot’

‘I feel relaxed and aware of what happened that day’

Feedback from a Year 8 class

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