Starter Pack of Flamingo/Pineapple Locker Wallpaper with Magnets


Club Tropicana vibes are-go over here with our Flamingo and Pineapple wallpaper! We’ve got your interior covered with our locker wallpaper. These super-easy sheets are pre-cut to standard locker sizes, but feature grid-lines so you can chop ‘em down further if you need to. Nifty.

Packaged with magnets for you to attach the wallpapers to your locker, and Locker Days logo stickers to pimp your magnets!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on our designs and any ideas you might have for our next print. Contact us today.

Pack includes:

  • 3 pre-cut wallpapers for each internal wall (Back panel: 56cm (h) x 30cm (w), 2 side panels: 56cm (h) and 40cm (w))
  • 20 Locker Days logo stickers (4cm diameter)
  • 16 Magnets (4cm diameter)
  • Instruction leaflet


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