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We have had lots of positive support from schools. The Locker Days products are held up with magnets so do not damage the lockers. We are supplying over 50 secondary schools with positive affirmation & safeguarding contact cards for students. We are delighted that the schools we have contacted to date want to support us and our focus on creativity and well-being. Let us know if there is a school you would like us to contact to share our well being resources. (email: hello@lockerdays.com)

Yes, we are very keen to support schools by providing donations to school initiatives and work in partnership to improve and enhance the school day. We have a PTA/Friends of school initiative which your school can sign up to on our home page to help with fundraising.

Yes, it is increasing in popularity so much in the UK – with lots of friends buying the bundles. It builds on the success of locker decor in the USA. The USA love locker decorating!

It’s a great way of making a school locker your own, a place to house all your useful and essential items. You create your own style and your friends create their own style. It is a great way of feeling uplifted during the school day with positive affirmations on cards and magnets, for example Shine Bright or Dream Big! Most of all being creative – makes you feel good, be organised and it’s fun too!

We have spoken with the main school locker rental companies – and they support the use of the Locker Days products inside the lockers.

The Locker Days products have been developed specifically for metal lockers. Many of the items have magnets to hold the products in place. This also allows for ease and speed of transforming your locker in a few mins to your style without any damage to the locker!

The Locker Days products have been developed for metal lockers, however we have heard of some students using a non-marking tape to hold up the wallpaper and photo pegs and message magnets.

The wallpaper is pre-cut to the size of the regular metal rental locker in the UK – however they can easily be cut down to fit smaller lockers. The wallpaper panels are pre cut, panels 56cm(h) x 40cm(w) side panels and 56cm(h) x 40cm(w) back panel and there is a grid on the reverse for ease.

Installing your Locker Days wallpaper is really simple. Each wallpaper panel is pre-cut to fit most standard lockers. (There is an instruction leaflet in the Locker Days wallpaper pack.) Just add a magnet to each corner of the panel and the wallpaper will stay in place! It transforms your locker in seconds.

Locker sizes do vary so if the panels are too large; use the grid on the back to cut the wallpaper to fit your locker. There are 3 panels, 1 for the back of the locker and 2 identical panels for the sides.

These panels are held in place with 4-6 magnets on each panel. You can use the stickers to decorate the magnets.

The Locker Days products are designed not to damage your locker. The wallpaper is held in place with magnets. The accessories are held in place with magnets.

We have had lots of positive feedback on the high quality of our products – if for any reason your products arrive damaged, please email us and we will replace the order or give you a full refund – whatever works for you.

Locker Days aims to continually develop products and packaging to be as environmentally friendly as is possible, using recycled materials and raw packaging wherever possible for our products.